Day 44 The Making of the Map

Happy New Year! At last the map is scanned and framed. I apologise for the delay but I had to  visit Austria and check out their snow for a week and meanwhile the framing and scanning took place.

Firstly, I took the map to Bretonside  Copy and they scanned the image and colour matched . They have to make sure all the detailing is picked up on the scan and that the hues and  tones are correct. The image here is on white but the actual prints will be on cream giclee paper that I colour matched to the original paper that I worked on.

Final map copyright Cheri Hunston (C) 2011 all rights reserved. Please note that it is against copyright law to copy this image or any parts within  for any purpose without contacting the artist to seek permission[/caption]

The mount is a triple mount with a ‘v’ groove. It has a gilt border inside.

gilt bordering

The backing is on acid free paper which stops the  papers from ever turning yellow and is what is used in museums. The glass is also museum quality: it  has UV protection and  this stops any fading of the ink which is a double protection as the ink is archive quality too. The frame is thick black wood with a gold band which is nearly the same width as the rope border.

detail of framing

When choosing the frame, I wanted something classic and traditional  but which complemented the  style of the art work. I hope you like it. If you have any enquiries or comments please feel free to contact me by leaving a comment on the blog or e mailing me  at