Day 43. The Making of the Map

330 hours 43 days and finally, it is complete.

I completed the rest of the rope today and then wrestled with the colour. After scanning the map and experimenting with colour in Photoshop to see what it would look like with the colour added, I decided against it. The colour brought the parchment to the forefront and made the other elements of the map such as the animals and the Terra Nova just sink into the background and the map lost its punchiness. The turquoise made Antarctica look alien. I was very disappointed as I was looking forward to adding some colour.

The final thing to add, which could still completely mess the map up was what to do about the centre around the South Pole, it needed something to make the pole stand out and to centre the picture as when I had started planning and marking out the picture at the beginning, I made the pole the exact centre of the picture and everything evolved from that. There was one thing that I had wanted to add and hadn’t yet. Something that is very magical and scientifically fascinating and something that covers the Antarctic snowflakes.

So I set about researching snowflake designs and seeing how I could incorporate this. I wanted it to also look a little like a compass.

The finished picture is currently being scanned and then framed. I hope to be able to post a copy of the scan by the end of today.

There will be a few prints available via my website in the near future and I will post a picture of the framed article too.  So watch this space…