Day 41 The Making of the Map

More rope today I’m afraid, so a little monotonous for the reader and viewer. The shading by doing numerous lines to build up the texture of the rope is a long process and it takes 7 hours for me to do one row of the rope. Today I completed the bottom section of the rope. Tomorrow I intend to complete the side and top (so a long day tomorrow) and then the colour will be added on Monday.

day 41



I have also, during break times today, been looking at colour of old maps. I want the parchments to hint at the old maps in colour and age, but the rest of the map I want to remain fresh and black and white because of the  mixing of old and new and furthermore, the whiteness of the ice and snow.

I looked at the tones of yellows, oranges and ochre in a series of maps

I adore the birds in this map, but also love the tones of sienna and blues

So I am also experimenting with my watercolours ready for Monday.

That’s all for this year. Happy New Year to you all and see you next year!