Day 38 The Making of the Map

rope detail day 38

I hope you all had a great Christmas. I started back yesterday, but there was little to show for my efforts because a great deal of it was measuring  in pencil. I marked out the border of rope and completed the right hand side and corner. Today I have worked on the bottom section but it is not finished. So far the bottom rope has taken six and a half hours. I hope to finish this section tonight and prepare the left hand side for tomorrow. I will show you the preparation in tomorrow’s blog.

As the rope moves around the edge, I have to consider my lighting from the left hand side and make sure that this is consistent. Additionally, I have to keep the shading more or less the same on each bit of the rope yet at the same time not make it too uniform as I don’t want it to look like it has been done on the computer.

corner rope detail day 38

I am thinking of colour as I am doing the rope and trying to make final decisions . I will share the theory and my thoughts and experiments on the blog in a couple of days.

Here is the map today after approximately 294 hours work

map day 38