Day 37 The The Making of the Map

section of rope

Merry Christmas!

Today I worked for a few hours on the rope down the right hand side. It takes  half an hour per three to four  sections. the  challenge with the rope is consistency. I want it to look the same  but additionally, I don’t want it to look new and  perfect: I want it to look used.

Watching Ponting’s film, the amount of rope used during the expedition was incredible. I hope some of these images provide some idea of the different used of rope:

the  mooring ropes,

Terra Nova moored in New Zealand and being loaded.

the actual rigging,

Terra Nova rigging

loading and unloading the cargo, including sledges,

Motor sledge being unloaded from the Terra Nova

and using ropes to haul all the goods into and out of the Terra Nova, including lo the ponies;

Unloading the ponies

tethering the ponies;

Ponies tethered

Ponting trying out new camera angles,

Ponting taking shots of the Terra Nova moving through the sea ice

making the sledges,

using rope to make the sledges

Some rope used in the pony shoes,

Pony shoe

and finally using rope to pull the sledges.

Using rope to pull the sledges

Without rope the expedition doesn’t seem possible. Consequently, that is why I have used rope to frame the map and it will go all the way around eventually.

map day 37

Anyway, it’s Christmas Eve, I’m taking a break for two days but will be back to a full day of rope on Monday.

Merry Christmas to you all,