Day 36 The Making of the Map

Worked on the bottom  scroll today and over ‘The International Scott Centenary Expedition’ writing, which I wanted to blur a little in places in an attempt to age it just a little. I wanted it to be darker than the top scroll to work with the lighting but also to anchor the picture at the bottom left and right hand sides.

Day 36

I think though that now I need to rework the top scroll a little to give it a little more realism and depth, but I don’t want it as dark as the one I have just completed.

The right

I have included a close up of the scroll work here.

The left

I also did some research during my lunch. I am now contemplating the colour more and so began exploring  colours in the Antarctic. I will share all this information, including the answer to why some icebergs are turquoise blue in a day or so…

Rope and more rope tomorrow and maybe a play around with some killer whales.