Caring for your Artwork

Artwork should last a lifetime, even generations, if cared for properly. The main enemies of artwork are: sunlight, temperature, moisture and dust. Where you hang your artwork and how you frame it are key to its preservation.

Direct Sunlight

Artworks placed in direct, bright sunlight, particularly  watercolours, inks and other works on paper, are prone to colour bleaching or surface degradation and even oils or acrylics will fade over time.  That is why I always use and recommend  UV non-reflective glass as it enhances the viewing of the artwork as well as protecting it. Try to hang artwork in shadier places if possible.  If you really can’t avoid hanging your pieces in a sunny position then make sure you have used UV protective glass from a specialist framer. Read more about UV protective glass here

Temperature Changes

Varying and intense changes in temperature can be damaging to artwork and frames.  This is because the paper in the art and the wood in the frame will expand and contract with the changes in temperature.  Try to place the artwork in a place where the temperature levels are not too extreme.


Condensation caused by changes in temperature or rooms such as kitchens and  bathrooms can cause warping and discolouration to some mediums particularly water based mediums and brown marks called foxing can appear. Good ventilation is a must to avoid mildew and surface damage,  A  framer may be able to protect your artworks by properly sealing the frames to prevent moisture getting in.


Dust can find its way in through unsealed frames and can sit on the artwork and inside the glass if not dusted regularly.  For framed works use a dry, soft white cloth. Never use chemicals to clean UV glass as it can strip the coating.  Use vinegar glass cleaner instead.